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Losing a petTo many people, this is very similar to the feelings experienced in losing a human friend or family member. People may say unkind things such as “Get over it – it was just a pet!” This is very cold and indifferent, but that is how some people feel. Pet loss can be extremely devastating. Their unwavering love and affection is something you don’t get often in this life from humans.

People often think you are silly if you mourn the passing of a friend, that they are somehow not as important as humans. The truth is, sometimes our pets treat us better than friends and family do – and they are loyal to a fault. This is why the loss of a pet can upset you every bit as much as the death of a friend. Feelings of sadness, despair and depression are natural for many people when a beloved pet dies.

Often, remembering certain things can help you cope with losing a dog or cat. Think back about how your pet came to be with you, where you got him from. What were some of the activities that you enjoyed together? Did you play catch in the backyard, or go for walks every day? Think of some of the rough times in your life, or times that you were deliriously happy. How did your pet fit in the picture at those times? Sometimes, thinking back gives you positive feelings that enable you to cope better.

Dealing with grief takes time. Gradually, you will start feeling better and realize that you still have the memories of the great times you shared with your pet. It happens in stages; you move toward closure. Grief and sadness do not go away overnight. When a furry friend dies , especially one you have had for years, can be emotionally draining. You may lose your appetite, and have trouble sleeping. This is normal for those who truly loved their pets from the depths of their soul. Pets to Rest provides a great deal of useful information to assist you during your time of loss.

It is not easy to deal with the death of a furry friend. There are times when you cry your heart out, times when you simply reflect over the past. You have lost the most loving, loyal and affectionate being in your world. Will you ever move past this? Yes, in time. Gradually, life will return to normal. To help gain closure, many people bury or cremate their pets. This allows you to feel that you have shown love and respect to your pet by memorializing him in a way that demonstrates your feelings, and the special place he had in your life. The loss of a pet is truly heartbreaking, but life will go on, and you will move forward in your own good time.


When a horse dies it is more than just the stopping of a heartbeat, it is the world’s loss.

For centuries horses have toiled for their masters and mistresses, giving of their whole being until, finally, they can give no more. For most even in death they give, as their bodies are hauled to animal feed manufacturing plants.

A centuries’ old tradition for a faithful equine friend is to memorialize him or her with a statue. Some times the horses’ head, hooves and heart would be buried near the statue. The head to signify intelligence, the hooves speed and the heart courage.

In more recent times, some famous horses have been mounted, such as Roy Rogers’ Trigger and his (Dale Evans) wife’s Buttermilk.

For the lucky few, they have a family to grieve for them. That big strong animal who didn’t hesitate to jump that jump cleanly while the ring judge was watching, now can’t even step over the clump of grass. That package of muscle and balance that maneuvered over the narrow trail without a stumble, is down. That soft nose that nuzzled and took away all the human’s stress, no longer is warm.

These are the horses that are buried on someone’s farm with a wooden marker lovingly made by hand, or have their remains hauled off to a pet cemetery. There, a mass grave burial costs approximately $200.00. A private plot with a marker is $300.00. A cremation, urn and burial is between $600.00 and $1,000.00.

Horses and Humans have a special bond. The horses that are loved in life are deeply missed in death.


The practice of honoring cats when they pass on goes far back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Cats, often seen as guardians in the afterlife, are mummified along with their departed masters and are placed in urns for cats.  These urns are then placed in a sacred spot in their masters’ tomb, serving as companions to them in the afterlife as much as they had when they were still alive.

Today, this practice of honoring feline friends who have passed on continues.  More and more cat owners are opting to have their departed cats cremated and their ashes stored in cremation urns for cats.  Thus, if you are the owner of a cat who has passed on and you want to show how much you cherish your cat, you are in good company when you choose to have your pet cremated.

Memorial Options

If you decide to buy an cat memorial, you would not have problems with finding the perfect urn.  There are so many custom choices available for you out there. You just need to take your time to shop for the urn that you think is most suitable for your pet.

Urn for a Cat

Urn for a Cat

Urns for cats are made from many different materials – wood, ceramic, marble, metal, stone, and even plastic and cloth.  They also come in many different styles, ranging from the most simple to the most ornate.

When you decide on which urn to buy, it will help you to consider where you will put the urn in the long run.  If it is going to be placed inside the house, you may want an urn that fits the décor of your house. You will also not need something that is specifically for enduring the elements, like rain, wind, etc. So if the urn is to be put in a spot outdoors, like in your garden, you would need an urn that can withstand last.

Engraved Urn for Cats

Engraved Urn for Cats

Considering Your Budget

There are so many wonderful pet urns available today. And many are not expensive at all. Consider this brass urn. You can have your pet’s name and dates of living engraved on the urn for under $50. On the other hand you can purchase this Cobalt Amphora Pet Urn for $250.

Urns for cats are perfect memorials for a beloved feline friend. They are a thoughtful way of showing just how much you loved your cat and how much she meant to you.


Pet Cremation Jewelry

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Memorial keepsakes are growing in popularity. That is because these jewelry pieces address a need of pet owners that is very important. After losing an animal, for a while it is difficult to be happy without your friend nearby. Pets are cherished members of the family; their owners spend a lot of time with them, whether at play or just for simple companionship.  When a pet passes on, this can deal a tremendous blow to the pet owner, especially if the pet owner happens to be a child.

Keepsakes for pets are perfect for those who wish to cope with their grieving, by having a small piece of jewelry. People are still expected to go on with their lives no matter how big or small their loss is. Having a memorial of your pet near you, assists with the grieving process and helps get the person through this difficult time in their life.

Paw Prints Keepsake

Paw Prints Keepsake

The reason why using cremation jewelry are seen as a good method of grieving is because these jewelry pieces come in so many designs and styles that many of them do not look like cremation jewelry at all. The space inside of a keepsake is quite small, usually measuring approximately one cubic inch. The ashes, lock o f hair or other memento are placed inside this very small space. Many of the pieces of jewelry by J. L. Cunningham have a very petite and elegant look, so that they look more like a piece of jewelry, rather than a keepsake.

Numerous websites allow you to buy these pet keepsakes, and you can choose from the varying materials like ceramic, stone, wood or metals like gold, silver, brass etc. With so much to choose from, it could sometimes get difficult in deciding which one would be best to memorialize your pet. We encourage you to browse the many stores online to find the perfect memorial. You can also call us and we can assist you in your search – (800) 757-3488. There are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can choose from; click on a photo to view more of our keepsakes.

The purpose of this article is to encourage you to consider cremation jewelry as a memorial. You can choose cremation jewelry with religious themes, such as crosses, angels or the Star of David.  You can also pick out cremation jewelry that look so whimsical no one would think that they actually hold the cremated remains of your pet. Thank you for reading and I hope we have helped.


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