The Loss of a Pet Can Be Difficult

To many people, this is very similar to the feelings experienced in losing a human friend or family member. People may say unkind things such as “Get over it – it was just a pet!” This is very cold and indifferent, but that is how some people feel. Pet loss can be extremely devastating. Their […]

When a Horse Dies

When a horse dies it is more than just the stopping of a heartbeat, it is the world’s loss. For centuries horses have toiled for their masters and mistresses, giving of their whole being until, finally, they can give no more. For most even in death they give, as their bodies are hauled to animal […]

Different Styles of Cremation Jewelry for Pets

Memorial keepsakes are growing in popularity. That is because these jewelry pieces address a need of pet owners that is very important. After losing an animal, for a while it is difficult to be happy without your friend nearby. Pets are cherished members of the family; their owners spend a lot of time with them, […]

Honoring the Memory of Your Best Friend with Urns for Dogs

Dogs are very loyal animals and are known for the love and devotion that they show to their masters. That is why when your beloved dog passes on, it is only fitting that you cherish their memory with a memorial. These days, cremation is no longer limited to humans and the same goes for the […]

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