Sky Burial For A Cat

I know it sounds kind of crazy and perhaps difficult to deal with, but is a sky burial for a cat a viable option for a cat funeral? I guess the real question here is can you handle it? For me the answer would be yes. In fact I want nothing to do with the […]

Obama Family Adopts a Dog

Adopting a pet is a huge step that not only helps the family in question, but also that works to help a pet in need. Earlier this month the Obama family adopted a playmate for their Portuguese Water Dog Bo, the newest addition is named Sunny. Sunny is also a Portuguese Water Dog and has […]

Carter and His Dog

After the Carter meme, I think we all know that having a sidekick is the best. Especially when it’s a corgi, dressed like a banana.

Pet Necklace Urns And Remembering With a Keepsake

Your pet is a huge part of your life when he is still living. But your pet’s passage to the Rainbow Bridge doesn’t mean the end of your connection. Your pet will remain in your heart and soul forever, even when you can no longer kiss his snout or pat his head. There are many […]

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