Your pet is a huge part of your life when he is still living. But your pet’s passage to the Rainbow Bridge doesn’t mean the end of your connection. Your pet will remain in your heart and soul forever, even when you can no longer kiss his snout or pat his head. There are many ways you can memorialize your pet and keep him with you after his passing. You may choose to plant a tree, design a memorial garden or put a commemorative stone in your flower garden to immortalize the impact that your pet had on your life. You may also choose to do something a little more personal, such as a piece of jewelry or artwork. If you choose to have your pet cremated, this will allow you to keep your pet with you wherever you go, both in body and spirit. But once you have your pet’s ashes, what should you do with them?

Pet Necklace Urns

One of the best ways to both immortalize your pet and keep him near you is to choose a pet necklace urn. A small portion of your pet’s ashes is sealed into the pendant. You can then keep your pet close to your heart no matter where you go. There are a wide variety of options, so there is a pet urn necklace to meet the needs of every pet parent. Our easy to navigate website provides simple search options which allow you to narrow down the choices to find a pet necklace urn that you love.


A pet urn necklace is designed to hold only a small portion of your beloved fur baby’s ashes. For this reason, size isn’t a major concern. However, we do offer several different sizes of pet urn necklaces, so you can find something that isn’t too heavy or bulky, but allows you to keep your baby with you close to your heart.


The shape of your pet urn necklace can also help you reflect your personality, your pet’s personality and the love that you had for each other. Paw prints are very popular. Teardrop shapes and small crosses are also a great choice.


Price is a concern for many customers, no matter what you are shopping for. We have a large variety of pet urn necklaces, in a wide variety of price ranges. This allows every pet parent to be able to memorialize their pet, no matter what their income or budgetary constraints are. Most of our options are less than $50 in price. A few range slightly higher in price, but all of our pet urn necklaces are less than $200, making them easily obtainable for every pet parent.


We also offer a variety of materials, so you can find a pet urn necklace that meets your personal tastes. Gold and silver are always popular choices. We realize that you may want something outside the norm, so we also offer wood and glass pet urn necklaces.


We offer different pet urn necklaces for dogs, cats and other pets. We also allow you to add personal touches to your jewelry. Adding engraving with your pet’s name, date of birth and date of passing is a great way to further customize your jewelry. You can also add a picture of your pet or a tiny paw print to make it even more special.

PetsToRest offers many options for pet owners who have recently lost a pet. Whether you are looking for a necklace urn or other type of urn, or you want something larger to show the world the love that you have for your pet, we can help. You can browse our inventory of pet memorials online, and then place your order via our secure website. If you need assistance or have questions, you can use the chat feature on the website, or place a call to one of our compassionate and understanding staff members. We understand that your pet means the world to you, and we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect memorial to show your love for your pet. We will always treat you with respect and dignity. Call us today to get started.


Although discounted pet urns are nice to find, generally urns for dogs or cats are usually very affordable. Many of our best selling urns are under $75 and will fit the cremated remains of most dogs or cats. For example:

Paw Prints Through My Heart – $49.95





Black Paw Medium Pet Urn – $59.95






But if you are looking for very affordable pet urns for your dog or cat, we do sometimes discount our urns, when they are either in overstock or slightly damaged. We understand that your main goal is to find the right cremation urn for your pet and we are committed to assist you in this process of memorializing your furry friend. Please call us for more information about discounted pet urns and we’ll see if we can assist you on price.

Memorializing your pet is so  important and we highly encourage you following through with your vision of the memorial. Grieving over the loss of a pet is not only natural, it’s important to find conclusion and to proceed with living our lives.

What are you dreams to memorialize your pet? Some bury their pets in their back yard and other cremated their pet and have them in their home for years to come. I encourage you to send us your ideas and we may include you in our blog.

Thank you for reading and whether or not you are able to find a discounted pet urn, I hope that it is the perfect memorial for your animal.


How to Know When Your Dog Is Preparing to Make the Transition

The hardest part of having a dog in your life is losing a dog. No one can predict the exact day that your dog will leave you. Breed-specific life expectancies can vary by several years depending upon the expert that is making the predictions. While you can’t predict the exact date and time that your dog will pass away, there are several signs that will tell you that your dog is dying. Knowing how to recognize these signs will help you assist your dog in making the transition as peacefully and with as much dignity as possible.

The Signs
Your dog has many ways to communicate to you that he is ready to make the transition. He may have trouble moving or show pain and stiffness in his joints. He may exhibit a lack of energy, a level of confusion or a loss of coordination. He may have no appetite. When he does eat, he not be able to tolerate the foods he used to love, or he may not be able to keep food down. Your dog may also lose control of his bodily functions. Your dog may be very cold and shiver or shake. As always, if you are concerned about your pet’s behavior or he is acting differently than he normally does, call your vet and get appropriate advice.

Medical Care
You should always see a vet to diagnose your dog’s condition. Depending upon your dog’s condition, you may wish to obtain medical care for him. Medications and holistic treatments may not be able to prolong your pet’s life, but they can ease his pain and make his passing less traumatic for him and you both. Your vet will also be able to advise you if you need to help your pet to pass due to a reduced quality of life. No dog wants to feel as if he is a burden to his owner, and every dog deserves to live his final days with dignity.

How You Can Help
Your dog depends on you for everything: shelter, food, water and the other basic necessities of life. Most importantly, your dog relies on you for love and compassion. When you have a sick dog or you see signs that your dog is dying, it is important that you remain strong for him. Keep yourself together and support your dog; after he passes, then you can break down and grieve. Spend as much time with your dog as you can in his final days. If he is still physically able, help him enjoy his favorite activities. Trips to a favorite place to just sit and chat are great ideas. Also, treat him to his favorite foods if his system is still strong enough to handle them. Keep your dog warm with fluffy blankets, and keep him comfy in a fluffy bed or allow him to snuggle with you in your bed. But above all, be there for him. Tell him what a great dog he has been and how much you appreciate his companionship. Thank him for being your friend, and let him know that you’ll be okay after he’s gone. Tell him you love him and give him lots of hugs and pets. This will help him make the transition easier, and will help you know that you did the best for him that you possibly can.

Another way that you may be called on to help your dog is to make the decision to have him put to sleep. This is a decision that no owner ever wants to make. However, when your dog is suffering, letting him go is one of the most loving and selfless acts you can ever perform. Your dog will let you know when he is ready to go, and your vet will help you as you assist your dog with this.


The feeling that one experiences when they lose a dog is often underestimated. Losing a dog can be the equivalent of losing your best friend and daily companion. Dogs serve as constant guardians who are loyal to a fault. Their selfless behavior and unconditional love reinforce the belief that they want little else in life than to see you happy. This becomes obvious when you think of all the times that your dog has offered its company and affection when you needed it most. You might also recall the joy and laughter that your dog has brought about through its loveable personality and sometimes goofy antics. The admirable traits that make dogs so indispensable in life also make them hard to live without once their gone.

Whether the death of your dog was sudden or long awaited, coping with the loss is a difficult experience and is different for each mourner. Pet cremation is growing in popularity, and dog cremation jewelry is a thoughtful way to honor the memory of your beloved canine companion on a day-to-day basis. The options available are as unique as your pet itself, and will serve as a beautiful reminder of just how important your dog was and still is to you.

Dog-Themed Urn Necklaces
When describing their dog, people often say that it never left their side. Many dogs have an insatiable appetite for the company and affection of their owner. This causes the dog to remain by his or her side like a shadow, basking in the warmth of love that the owner exudes. A dog-themed urn necklace ensures that your dog will never leave your side, even after they have passed away. Lovely styles in silver, cobalt, and pewter give you the opportunity to represent your dog in a fitting way. For the trusty hunting dog, one might use a shot gun shell-shaped urn. For those who respect the nobility of the canine in Native American beliefs, perhaps the cobalt and pewter “Canine Spirit” urn will be the perfect fit. A classic choice for dog lovers is the silver paw print adorned cylinder urn.

Memorial Lockets
Traditional lockets necklaces are given a new spin with the memorial urn locket. This piece of jewelry gives you’re the opportunity to showcase the significance of your pet in a totally unique way. The contents of the locket are completely up to you. Cremation ashes are just one choice to use when filling this vessel. You might also consider other options such as a lock of fur, a clipping from you dog’s favorite rope toy or maybe a blade of grass its favorite park. Memorial lockets are a wonderful way to represent your dog and the things that it loved to do.

Displaying the Urns
Urn necklaces are not solely made to be worn. If wearing the necklace is not something that you would be interested in, you might consider displaying the pet cremation jewelry in a different way. Display cases, designed to showcase urn pendants are a lovely way to give your departed pet a special place in the home. Many choose to decorate this area with sentimental items like photos of the pet or dog toys. These are just a few suggestions for honoring your dog within the home. The options are virtually limitless.

While nothing can replace the void that in your heart that your dog has left behind, it is comforting to know that your can keep its memory alive by honoring it in a special way. Giving your departed canine companion a special place in your life after it has passed on, will help to ease the pain of losing what is truly “man’s best friend.”

The memorials that are available today are constantly changes. There are cremation jewelry for people and also for pets. As cremation rates continue to rise, there will always be new options and outlooks to memorialize your loved one. Thank you for reading.


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