Obama Family Adopts a Dog

Adopting a pet is a huge step that not only helps the family in question, but also that works to help a pet in need. Earlier this month the Obama family adopted a playmate for their Portuguese Water Dog Bo, the newest addition is named Sunny. Sunny is also a Portuguese Water Dog and has taken the little sister role for their existing pet. The Family says that adoption was an easy choice for them this time around. Rather than purchasing a puppy, the First Family decided to help a dog in need that was already full grown and that had little prospect of being adopted by someone that did not have the same specific adoption criteria as the Obamas.

The dog is still a puppy in all respects but she is a far cry from the puppies that are generally bought from breeders. Sunny is a wonderful addition to the family and initial reports state that Sunny is bonding well with Bo and the Family and that she is making a place for herself alongside the Presidents daughters Sasha and Malia. When it comes to pet adoption there are a few different factors that you should first consider prior to starting the process. Taking time to consider these factors can help you decide if adoption is right for you and your needs and expectations.

First off, those seeking to adopt a pet are generally looking for an older pet. Though there are frequently puppies up for adoption, generally these puppies go fast leaving older pets to fend for themselves in the big wide adoption pool. For those that do not mind getting an older pet, adoption is a wonderful option. The second factor to consider is that these animals may have some issues that you have to work through. Older animals that have been put up for adoption have come from a home that they thought was loving. These animals generally have separation issues, my have trust issues, and may not be good with other animals because of past experiences. These animals are often beaten down, scared, and in need of a loving home that is going to do everything possible to assimilate them.

The third and final factor to consider is that adoption takes a pet off the streets. This is a benefit for both the pet and the owner. By adopting a pet rather than buying from a puppy mill, owners can get a lifelong companion that is going to enrich and enhance their lives without having to support puppy mills that generally have poor housing and care even for their pure bred merchandise. Adopting helps to get a pet into good home where they would have likely been euthanized if they had not been adopted. Adopting a pet is a great option for anyone looking for a forever companion.

The main issue that people have to contend with is that a shelter dog may be a bit skiddish at first. They may not assimilate quickly, and though you are putting your neck out to help them, they may take a bit of coaxing to trust and love you. Adoption is a great option for anyone willing to put in a little extra effort to make these pets feel loved and secure. The First Family is certainly a fantastic example for anyone looking for a shelter dog.

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