Discount Pet Urns at Pets To Rest

Although discounted pet urns are nice to find, generally urns for dogs or cats are usually very affordable. Many of our best selling urns are under $75 and will fit the cremated remains of most dogs or cats. For example:

Paw Prints Through My Heart – $49.95





Black Paw Medium Pet Urn – $59.95






But if you are looking for very affordable pet urns for your dog or cat, we do sometimes discount our urns, when they are either in overstock or slightly damaged. We understand that your main goal is to find the right cremation urn for your pet and we are committed to assist you in this process of memorializing your furry friend. Please call us for more information about discounted pet urns and we’ll see if we can assist you on price.

Memorializing your pet is so ¬†important and we highly encourage you following through with your vision of the memorial. Grieving over the loss of a pet is not only natural, it’s important to find conclusion and to proceed with living our lives.

What are you dreams to memorialize your pet? Some bury their pets in their back yard and other cremated their pet and have them in their home for years to come. I encourage you to send us your ideas and we may include you in our blog.

Thank you for reading and whether or not you are able to find a discounted pet urn, I hope that it is the perfect memorial for your animal.

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