Cat Urns, Honoring Your Beloved Feline

Coping with the loss of a trusted feline friend can be a difficult task for any animal lover. Not only are your dealing with the death of a beloved animal companion, but the support and unconditional love that your cat once offered is now gone. This can be a difficult feeling to cope with, and you might long for the companionship, affection, and steadfast emotional support that your cat selflessly gave during its life. In order to honor the memory of a cat that you loved, an urn is a small homage that can be displayed in your home. Beautiful feline urns are available in a multitude of designs in wood, glass, stone, and porcelain.

Wood Urns
Whether you choose to honor your cat with an urn that is simple or sophisticated, wooden urns give you the opportunity to take full advantage of nature’s beauty with a natural creation that suits your unique tastes. Some wooden urns for cats are understated and feature a streamline box design with a two-tone cross and a walnut finish. Other wooden urn designs, such as the Kitty Cat Glow Urn, are carved wooden cut outs of a cat’s silhouette and allow space for a battery-operated tea candle to beautifully illuminate the artistic features of the urn.

Porcelain Urns
Porcelain allows for more flexible design options when it comes to honoring the memory of your cat. Playful designs such as pink or blue yarn ball urns, or more traditional designs such as flower-adorned pet urns are distinctly charming and will serve as a gentle reminder of the special place that your cat’s spirit will always hold in your heart.

Glass Urns
Few man-made objects rival the delicate beauty and invigorating vibrancy of colorful blown glass. Blown glass urns, which come in many colors such as cobalt, violet, red, amber and white, fit effortlessly into the décor of many homes. The bright ambiance that appears when light shines on the glass may inspire a special memory of how energetic and full of life your cat was during its life.

Stone Urns
There is something very comforting in the absolute stability and longevity of stone. It seems like the perfect material from which to construct a vessel for a creature whose love was as constant as a stone is steadfast. Gorgeous stone designs in colors such as teakwood colored, white, and cream colored marble transform stone urns into truly beautiful memento.

Allowing a place for which to honor your lost cat companion, and giving it the respect and mourning that it truly deserves will assist all those whose lives it touched. This acceptance of grief is a healthy way of coping with a loss, and still giving a beloved pet distinctly special final farewell. Learn more about large cat urns and sizing an urn for your feline friend. Thank you for reading.

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