Pet Memorial Urns Made of Wood

When faced with the devastating loss of a special pet, you may want to firmly hold onto the memories that were shaped by the presence of this beloved creature. The warm colors and the smooth texture of wood serve as an excellent vessel to store the cremated remains of your departed pet.

Just as your pet enjoyed dozing under a shady tree on a warm day, the wood of a beautiful urn will be a comforting reminder of the happy, but all too short, life that a pet lived. Rich hues of rosewood, birch, walnut and maple give a sense of natural serenity for the forever resting spot of your special furry companion. Commemorative urns in specially designed shapes and finishes give space for the showcase of photos, poems, and custom-engraved messages that will honor the loving memory of your pet.

Engraved Ball Holder & Photo Wooden Urn
Felines and canines hold a special place in the heart of their owners. They are often seen as members of the family. For this reason, it is appropriate that their lives be memorialized in a

Tennis Ball Urn

Tennis Ball Urn

manner that is fitting for their loving nature. The tennis ball urn does a wonderful job of featuring a glimpse into your pet’s everyday life by reflecting its image and interests. These wooden pet urns have a special framed area on the front for the display of a photo of your pet. It also has a curved notch carved out of the top that is perfect for holding a tennis ball, baseball, or ball of yarn. To add even more customization options, an engraved brass plaque can be affixed to the front of the urn beneath the photo to show your pet’s name, birthday, and epitaph.

Most pets seem to be the most content when they are by the side of their master. It is a comforting feeling to know that by keeping your pet in a wooden urn within your home, you are ensuring that your pet can stay with you for the rest of your life. May their water bowl always be full, and may they always be surrounded by their favorite toys and treats. More pet memorial information and urns by Pets to Rest.

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