Large Cat Urns and Memorials

Losing a cat that has been a part of the family for years is hard to say the least.  Large cat urns are a fitting way to pay tribute to your beloved pet; you want to do something that is special, and demonstrates the love and respect you have for your cat.  You may choose to simply burying a cat in the backyard, but pet urns are no longer simple wood or metal boxes.  Large cat urns are available today in a wide array of designs and materials, so you can memorialize your cat in a way that best represents their unique personality and life.

One exquisite example of the large cat urns available today is the Traditional Onyx Marbled Urn.  This urn is perfect for displaying on a shelf or anywhere you like; the swirled, colorful pattern consisting of burnt sienna, cream, soft green and black makes a beautiful addition to any room.  Since it is crafted of marble, it would also be suitable for outdoor use.

When your pet was a kitten, you likely had no idea how big it would be as an adult cat.  Some kittens grow up to be of average size, while others grow up to be a magnificent and almost regal looking because of their large size.  If your pet was bigger than the average size cat, you may be in search of large cat urns that are capable of holding the ashes of your beloved pet.  The Came, Purred, Conquered Rock Cat Urn is a suitable urn if you prefer to place your memorial outdoors, perhaps in a rock or flower garden, or in another area where your cat loved to relax and soak up the sunshine.

Many large cat urns are suitable for indoor or outdoor use; if your cat was more of a house cat, you may wish to create a display in their honor indoors.  This can be accomplished by simply surrounding the urn by his favorite toys and jewelry or keepsakes designed especially for pets.  If your pet preferred the outdoors, the perfect final resting place is in a favorite outdoor area.

From wood or resin to marble, glass or teakwood, there are large cat urns available today that will pay tribute to your pet in a loving, respectable manner.  At the same time, the styles, materials and designs allow you to choose something suitable for your own design and taste preferences.  Losing a cat is difficult and your cat was a special member of your family, a part of your life.  He deserves to be memorialized in a dignified, beautiful way.

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