The Loss of a Pet Can Be Difficult

Losing a petTo many people, this is very similar to the feelings experienced in losing a human friend or family member. People may say unkind things such as “Get over it – it was just a pet!” This is very cold and indifferent, but that is how some people feel. Pet loss can be extremely devastating. Their unwavering love and affection is something you don’t get often in this life from humans.

People often think you are silly if you mourn the passing of a friend, that they are somehow not as important as humans. The truth is, sometimes our pets treat us better than friends and family do – and they are loyal to a fault. This is why the loss of a pet can upset you every bit as much as the death of a friend. Feelings of sadness, despair and depression are natural for many people when a beloved pet dies.

Often, remembering certain things can help you cope with losing a dog or cat. Think back about how your pet came to be with you, where you got him from. What were some of the activities that you enjoyed together? Did you play catch in the backyard, or go for walks every day? Think of some of the rough times in your life, or times that you were deliriously happy. How did your pet fit in the picture at those times? Sometimes, thinking back gives you positive feelings that enable you to cope better.

Dealing with grief takes time. Gradually, you will start feeling better and realize that you still have the memories of the great times you shared with your pet. It happens in stages; you move toward closure. Grief and sadness do not go away overnight. When a furry friend dies , especially one you have had for years, can be emotionally draining. You may lose your appetite, and have trouble sleeping. This is normal for those who truly loved their pets from the depths of their soul. Pets to Rest provides a great deal of useful information to assist you during your time of loss.

It is not easy to deal with the death of a furry friend. There are times when you cry your heart out, times when you simply reflect over the past. You have lost the most loving, loyal and affectionate being in your world. Will you ever move past this? Yes, in time. Gradually, life will return to normal. To help gain closure, many people bury or cremate their pets. This allows you to feel that you have shown love and respect to your pet by memorializing him in a way that demonstrates your feelings, and the special place he had in your life. The loss of a pet is truly heartbreaking, but life will go on, and you will move forward in your own good time.


  1. Hi, Thanks for a good article, I am also building a pet loss support service working with counsellors. I have been told that it is not good to expect closure. Like to expect one day all the grief will be gone and you will never feel sadness anymore. Most counsellors like to talk about moving through grief,rather than closure. Keep up the good work, their is so much unresolved grief out there.

    Michael O’Donoghue

  2. I suggest a virtual pet memorial.


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