When a Horse Dies

When a horse dies it is more than just the stopping of a heartbeat, it is the world’s loss.

For centuries horses have toiled for their masters and mistresses, giving of their whole being until, finally, they can give no more. For most even in death they give, as their bodies are hauled to animal feed manufacturing plants.

A centuries’ old tradition for a faithful equine friend is to memorialize him or her with a statue. Some times the horses’ head, hooves and heart would be buried near the statue. The head to signify intelligence, the hooves speed and the heart courage.

In more recent times, some famous horses have been mounted, such as Roy Rogers’ Trigger and his (Dale Evans) wife’s Buttermilk.

For the lucky few, they have a family to grieve for them. That big strong animal who didn’t hesitate to jump that jump cleanly while the ring judge was watching, now can’t even step over the clump of grass. That package of muscle and balance that maneuvered over the narrow trail without a stumble, is down. That soft nose that nuzzled and took away all the human’s stress, no longer is warm.

These are the horses that are buried on someone’s farm with a wooden marker lovingly made by hand, or have their remains hauled off to a pet cemetery. There, a mass grave burial costs approximately $200.00. A private plot with a marker is $300.00. A cremation, urn and burial is between $600.00 and $1,000.00.

Horses and Humans have a special bond. The horses that are loved in life are deeply missed in death.

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