Dog Urns – Finding a Fitting Resting Place

Dog Urn

Dog Urn

“A dog is man’s best friend” is an adage that which many would agree. Among other animals, dogs are capable of genuine loyalty. During bad days even if one shout at it, lash out at it, blame it for something it didn’t do, silently the dog will receive the negative emotions. During low moments, one can talk to his dog about his loneliness and worries, and the dog silently listens as if he/ she understands. And during both, bad and good days, a dog never forgets to greet its owner. A dog’s loyalty is unwavering because beyond this loyalty is an unconditional love. A dog will never stop loving its recognized master, in whatever circumstance and time. For this, and a lot more reasons, it is only but fitting that when our pet dogs pass away, we cherish its memory, through a fitting memorial.

A dog memorial is the perfect final resting place for our lost friend. It is the most fitting way to express our love and appreciation for the loyalty and companionship it has given us.

There are several urns for dogs to choose from, and one would be surprised to know that these are already available in many offline and online catalogs. These are made of various materials such as ceramics, wood, stone, metal, glass or crystal, and biodegradable ones. And all of these dog urns come in different memorial presentations, colors, shapes and designs that would perfectly describe the dog’s personality. Many of these can be personalized with captions that describe the dog, and with words that expresses one’s emotion towards this favorite pet. Among the frequent choices are the photo dog urns that also come in different sizes to hold the favorite snapshots of the pet dog.

Dog Cremation Urns

Dog Cremation Urns

The choice as to the best urn material that will carry the dog’s ashes shall depend on the pet owner’s decision where to bury the dog urn. Biodegradable urns would sink and split gracefully once it reaches the sea bed if the preference is to bury the urn in a river or an ocean. It is also a affordable and practical material if the choice is to bury or scatter the cremated remains in the ground. But urns for dogs made of durable materials would be the best pick if the urn is for display outdoor or indoor.

It’s not easy to deal with the loss of a pet or dog. The experience of grief can be very traumatic. The silence of the home from its loud barking could make the pain linger for a long time. But an urns for dogs, sympathetic and understanding of that grief will help one find a safe spot to “lick the wound” in order to be healed, be whole again and to move on.

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  1. Our family dog “Rufus” had to be put to sleep this week. My husband and I could not endure the thought of burying him in our yard along with other pets from the past. We asked the veterinarian if cremation was an option. Much to our surprise, she informed us that many pets are cremated. Their selection of urns was very limited so we decided to check online for a more suitable urn for our sweet dog. There are so many choices and in time we will make the right decision that will suit our family. We will be contacting you in the near future.

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