Ceramic Urns, a Lasting Tribute to Your Pet

Many pets become a part of the family, a pet loss can therefore be heartbreaking. A memorial that would express one’s love to the treasured pet will give comfort to a grieving pet owner. Pet cremation is becoming a growing trend.  It has become widely accepted and practical and gaining popularity.

Ceramic Pet Urn

Ceramic Pet Urn

Putting the remains of one’s sweet pet in a most deserving receptacle, a ceramic urn, is a wonderful way to memorialize the pet. It is a great keepsake to remember the beloved animal.

A pet ceramic urn comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from small to large. Choosing the right size is not difficult. The measure is how much did the animal weigh before they were cremated. This number will give you the cubic inches of the urn that you need. Most ceramic pet urns can be customized with the pet’s name and dates, with elaborate decorations carved right into the material. It can be adorned with a photo of the pet and with some thoughtful engravings and terms of endearment to be cherished and admired. An urn for your pet can be placed in a significant location at home so that it can be seen often, a reassurance that the pet has been laid to rest in an urn that is meant to last. Honoring and preserving the memory is one way to help a grieving heart heal.

cat photoA ceramic urn is just one among other quality crafted urns made of different materials: bronze, marble, stone, wood, glass, metal, granite and even biodegradable material. These urns come in different colors, from bold and bright to deep and dark. Some pet urns can hold many memorable personal items such as the pet’s favorite toy, collar or leash. No matter what kind of urn you might choose, all urns serve as a lasting tribute to honor the beloved pet the best way possible.

Tips on choosing the right pet urn

Some pet owners prefer that the cremated remains would be scattered in a land or in deep water rather than be kept in an urn at home. Deciding what to do with the cremated remain is the first step in memorializing the pet. It is also helpful in choosing the right pet urn.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. A temporary urn made of biodegradable material which is cost-friendly could be considered if the pet owner would prefer that the ashes would be scattered or buried in the soil or deep water.
  2. Small memorial jewelries like a small keepsake urn would be a good
    idea if only a small amount of the remains will be kept as keepsake.
  3. If the ashes will be kept  in an urn at home, a durable  urn made of
    lasting materials (granite, bronze, metal, ceramics, etc.) would be a
    perfect choice.

There are many wonderful ceramic memorials available. The goal of all beautifully crafted ceramic urns whatever is its size, material, shape or design is clearly to keep the memory of the lost friend. Thank you for reading.

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