Remembering Your Beloved Pets with Garden Pet Markers

Garden Pet Marker

Garden Pet Marker

It is highly likely that when your pet was still alive, your pet made your garden his home. You may have spent time there romping with your pet.  And now that your pet is gone, one of the many ways that you can honor him is to let your pet have his eternal rest in your garden and mark his resting place with garden pet markers.

Garden pet markers work the same way as headstones do in a cemetery. They help you make note of the place where your pet is buried in your garden. They can serve as decorative pieces in your garden that will help you remember your pet and the fun times you had together. Some very unique garden markers are actually pet urns, where half of the urn is buried in the ground that top face is a memorial marker.

Why Choose Garden Pet Markers

Of the number of choices that you have for honoring your pet’s memory, why should you choose garden pet markers?  These memorials are the logical choice if you have decided to bury your pet instead of having him cremated. You will need something to mark the location of his resting place.

This is especially true if you are burying your pet in a pet cemetery or in an eco-cemetery.  The garden pet markers you choose will help you distinguish exactly where your pet was laid to rest.

If you are worried about whether or not you will be able to have your garden pet markers customized, the answer is yes. There are so many materials that you can choose to have as your markers. You can have your markers in the affordable resin material or the more expensive and elegant marble, granite or engraved garden stones. You can have these markers engraved however way you want. You can even have a portrait of your pet etched on the marker.

Landscaping Around Garden Pet Markers

Even after your pet has gone, you can enjoy their presence in your garden. You can make the space in your garden where you had him buried a special niche where you can have some peace and quiet. You can make your pet’s burial spot a place where you can read, meditate, do needlework or any activity that helps you relax.  A pet memorial is very suitable to be outside and we encourage our customers to consider this as their pets resting place.

To do this, you can plant flowers or shrubs as fringe for your pet’s burial spot, with the garden pet markers right at the center. Then you can have a bench or a chair placed there, where you can rest comfortably while passing time with your beloved pet long after he is gone. We encourage planning of your memorial space. Visit In the Light Urns for biodegradable urns. Thank you for reading.

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