Dealing With Losing a Beloved Pet

Losing a Pet
Losing a beloved pet can be devastating for a loving owner who considers that pet a member of the family.  Grieving pet loss is an important process.  You need time to allow yourself to heal, and you must experience a range of emotions just as you do when a human family member passes.

Dealing with pet loss is easier for some than for others, depending upon how close you really were to your pet.  If you felt that your pet was just like a child to you, you will most likely feel many emotions in the weeks following your loss.  You may experience:

Guilt – Many times, pet owner feel that they should have done more, particularly if their beloved pet died in an accidental way.

Denial – You may feel the need to do away with any belongings related to your pet.  Others may feel that getting rid of anything related is somehow disrespectful.

Depression – As with people, it is natural to feel depressed for a period of time.  You may feel extremely sad, but you have lost a member of your family!  If your depression seems to go on for an abnormally long period of time, you may need to seek counseling.

You may also feel anger at some point, and eventually you will accept that fact that your close friend and forever loyal pal is gone.  This will come at your own pace, and the pain will heal although you will forever miss your pet.  Be open and honest about your feelings, and discuss what you feel with people close to you who will understand.  Talking with others helps to release some of those pent-up feelings inside.

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very hard.  You may feel silly and think that others don’t understand why you are so upset because it was an animal.  Never feel that you should hide your emotions or try to suppress your feelings.  Your pet was perhaps your best friend, and one that never questioned you.  He/She loved you unconditionally, and was faithful through and through. Find words of sympathy that can help you say how you are feeling to someone who has lost a pet.

You have every right to grieve, and the process is a natural one.  One day, you will be able to remember your beloved pet with great pride and joy, and think of all the special memories you created together.


  1. My Chihuahua Sancho died today due to bladder cancer. He fought this horrible disease for 14 months and did very well the first 9 months showing no symptoms of the disease. I knew I was very attached to him but am shocked at how deeply his loss is effecting me. He was such a great dog and dealt with all the pain and treatments with strength and was still able to play, cuddle and enjoy life. I truly hope I can be as brave as he was when my time comes. I will miss him always and hope soon to remember the fun and good times and stop feeling so overwhelmed with grief.


  2. I found my little Rudy in the driveway when I got home from work last thus. At first I thought I had ran over him but upon further inspection realized that I hadn’t. What a relief. I think he must have had a seizure. I’ve cried every day, more than once a day and think of him often. I am so bummed out and the house seems strange without my Rudy. I love and miss him so much. I don’t know how long the grieving process is for losing a pet, but I hope it goes by faster than this last week has. 🙁


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