Pet Cremation – Prices – Options

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Depending on the size of your pet, cremation prices will vary. We have seen pet crematoriums charge as little as $25.00 for a cat. And as high $350.00 for cremation of large dogs. Average prices for individual pet cremation is $75.00 – $200.00. Mass cremation is the least expensive and is usually $50.00 to $100.00. Prices do depend on local economy and individual crematorium.

How do I get my pet to the crematorium? Many owners simply bring their pet to the crematorium themselves. They can wrap their pet in a blanket and drive them in. There they will be taken and stored until a cremation day and time has been scheduled. Call ahead if you feel you need to know what will happen prior to arrival.

After the cremation is over many pet owners long for some way to memorialize their friend in an appropriate urn or keepsakes. Remembering their pets afterwards, and keeping them in an urn in their home, is a common way to grieve for their pet.

There is no doubt a beloved pet was a cherished companion and as much a part of the family as any other member. Of course, a special final resting place is part of the process in grieving.

Pets To Rest offers so many different urns to choose from. If you want to create a lasting memorial to your pet, Pets To Rest can help you find an urn that’s right for you.

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