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Ask yourself – “What do I need a pet cremation urn for?” Do I want to be able to transport the cremains – if so you may want to consider a biodegradable urn or a travel urn (often paper based). Do I want to keep my pets ashes – you may want a stronger urn made from wood, brass or pewter. Do I want to keep all the cremains – perhaps you want to keep some of the ashes and scatter the rest. In this case a keepsake rather than a full size urn, would suit best.

Stone cremation urns have the virtue of being very decorative, durable and solid; several of these beautiful and heavy urns come with very detailed workmanship. Marble is particularly popular for dog and cat cremation urns, but other stones such as sandstone and even synthetic stone are also commonly used. The benefit of synthetic materials is that they generally can be easily shaped and changed. Resin pet cremation urns can be manufactured in a mold and made into any statue or design you want. Some companies pay particular attention to custom pet cremation urns.

One of the newest popular urns is the Tennis Ball Pet Urn. If you had a dog that loved to chase a ball, it’s the perfect pet urn for you. And with this Tennis Ball Urn, a ball is included, so you have the option to use a ball your pet chased or use the one included.

There are also cremation urns that have a place for a picture, a small case to keep a favorite toy, collar, a lock of fur, old license or some other memento you want to cherish. Some urns even rotate like a lazy Susan; thus allowing the pictures to be viewed without having to pick them up (as some people really don’t like to do that).

You can also get a custom cremation urn created out of wood, glass, metal (brass etc), ceramic, plastic, and even stone. Prices for custom urns are quite reasonable. It is best to contact companies directly for this type of purchase, so they can advise you as to possible ideas and what will work best for you budget and design.

Biodegradable Urns

If you decide to bury your pet, you may consider one of a variety of biodegradable urns. After all, these days more and more people are concerned about the environment; biodegradable urns allow you to lay your pet’s ashes to rest without polluting. Biodegradable urns are very competitively priced and great care has been taken in their creation. You can also elect to choose a pet casket. A very popular and perfect memorial for your pet is a biodegradable pet casket, because they are both natural and affordable.

Scattering Urns and Scattering Memorials

If you elect to scatter your pet’s ashes – perhaps over a favorite park, yard or play area, you can get a scattering urn that allows you to easily disperse the ashes. Also, the urn can be biodegradable, thus allowing you to cast it away along with the ashes.

These are some of the more popular methods of memorializing your pet. Thank you for reading.

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